Once you start earning and have saved enough money to get a place of your own, you’re probably conflicted. You could choose to live in an apartment but that’s just money going to waste since it is only temporary property ownership, your next option is to either get a house in the suburbs or to get a condo. More and more people have moved away from buying houses and are either choosing to stay in their apartments or buy a condo instead. Which is why you may have noticed a rise in the number of condominium projects being launched annually.

Empire Phoenix condo is just one of the few projects that have recently been launched and you can look them for more details. This really makes one ask themselves if condos are actually worth it. If you aren’t sure about the answer, you can keep on reading below for a quick rundown. First of all, condos are a really good option for people who have jobs within the city district since they are usually located within or around main city districts. So, the convenient location makes commuting a lot easier and cheaper. The fact that everything is closer to you as well is another plus point. Condos also happen to be luxurious, so you will get a bigger living space than an apartment and will have a nice clean overall look. There is also the fact that you get luxuries like security surveillance, fitness centers etc. within the condominium as well.

However, condos do consist of multiple units in the same building, so you won’t have complete privacy. You also have to stick by the guidelines provided by the Home Owner’s Association as well, so you don’t get complete freedom as well. Lastly, condos do not have a good resale price, which can be problematic if you plan on selling them in the future.