It does not matter what kind of musician you are and what your genre of music is, you need a mic if you actually wish to produce any kind of music. A musician cannot work without his mic and a mic needs to be of the sort which would produce the best quality music. It does not matter whether you are a budding or seasoned musician, you cannot just buy any mic that you find in the market, you need to have the right one according to your preferences. You can be doing rap beats or something else, we would recommend that you get the best mic that is available in the market because the quality of the mic has a huge affect on the quality of the music.

If you do have a lot of money to spend on mics then we have got just the thing for you because we will be listing down a couple of mics, all which you can purchase under $500 which is probably the best deal that you can get so browse through the list and buy one that suits your taste.

Micheal Jolly Hulk 990

This mic would only set you back $399 which is nothing when you would actually see its quality and you do not need to worry as this mic is perfect for both female and male voices. It is actually a modified version of MXL 990 which has its own perks and has a shock mount too.

Shure SM7B

It would cost you under $400 and the best thing about it is that it works well for rap music and also is famous for hip hop and you would many studios using it as it is great for the pocket and also pretty great in quality.