Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

There are some people out there who are the least bothered about their appearance and think that they have better things to be worried about in life and then there are some of us who are very mindful of how we look. Those of us who are conscious about our appearance do their best to look their best as part of their etiquette but if they get fixated on some flaw of theirs, they might not be able to shrug it off as easily.

When this happens, some people start losing their confidence in themselves because of how their self-image is ruined. This can hold them back from performing as well as they can in life. To such people, cosmetic surgery is more than just a way of looking better; it’s important to their self-esteem.

Fortunately though, we have well-practised practitioners of cosmetic surgery such as Dr Hanh Nguyen at SCULPT™ that can help such people fix their cosmetic flaws and feel good about themselves again. Here are some very common cosmetic surgical procedures that people undergo to boost their self-esteem.


Some people have too much fat in certain areas on their bodies that they really want to get rid of as quickly as possible. Liposuction can surgically remove these fat deposits from the body very quickly and since you can get your body contoured, you won’t have to worry about loose and saggy skin either.

Breast Enhancements

A woman’s bust is a source of pride for her and as such it can also be an area that may ruin their self- esteem. Some women go for breast implants to increase their cup size while others may even want their breasts reduced in size so they can carry themselves better.

Be a Pro at Gel Manicure

Going to the salon for just a gel manicure may not be feasible to some people who are on a budget but does that mean that they just give up on the dream of getting a gel manicure done? It is true that when you go to the salon often for a gel manicure, it puts a hole in your pocket that is damaging so let us try a different approach and create a mini-salon at home.

The first thing that you need to do is to buy the right kit for your gel manicure. If you are stuck on the question of what is the best LED nail lamp on the market then search online and buy the best one according to your budget. In order to create the mini nail place at your home, you would need to save up for all the things but it will be an investment when you will stop going to the salon and save the bucks that the spent there. You can even do your friends’ gel manicure and charge them for it.

Prep Your Nails

Preparing is an important step as you would be creating the foundation for the gel nail polish. The first thing that you need to deal with are cuticles so push them back then file your nails however you want and finally apply a gel cleanser.

Prime Time

Prime your nails with a gel primer so that you get that sticky surface which will help in application of the nail polish.

Base And Cure

Apply a gel base coat to the nails and then put them in a LED nail lamp so that they can be cured.

Nail Color

Apply the gel nail color and top it off with a gel top coat.