Study Smart For TOEFL

You might argue that a person with broken English shouldn’t be made fun of because they know multiple languages, which isn’t wrong at all but sometimes you need to prove that you know English well enough. Non-English speaking people typically lack fluency in the language, even if they can understand some of it but that doesn’t help them in studying in English.

The TOEFL test is designed to gauge how well a person can read, write and speak in English and is the standard requirement of many institutions all over the world. A lot of English tests can be very biased and you might only score according to your examiners mood, but TOEFL is different. All scores are calculated very carefully so you only get the fairest result in the end. This is why TOEFL is so widely accepted. The exam itself has questions that stimulate real life work and academic situations, to evaluate how well you can use English in different situations. TOEFL looks for your basic English skills and doesn’t confuse you with complex vocabulary and grammatical rules, which is why it’s so popular for non-native English speakers.

To pass a TOEFL exam, you have to practice exercises more than just studying different rules for English – it’s all about application. You can take classes for practice but the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to go and enrol in a physical class; UMaster Exam can help you prepare for your TOEFL exam so that you’re ready to answer any kind of questions they might throw at you. There are three parts of TOEFL that evaluate how well you do in your spoken, written and reading and UMaster Exam can help you prepare for all of them categorically.

Here is Why You Should Get a Typewriter as a Student

To be honest, just talking about this, I feel really old already. A lot of our new generation does not know much about typewriters, and hence, neither its pros nor cons. Whenever they buy a new device, they are not buying it with a complete informed decision. So if you have never heard about a typewriter and you are about to enter college soon, this article could be quite helpful to you.


Are you not tired of typing out your documents or assignments on your laptop, saving the document after every few seconds, emailing it to yourself, and then going all the way to a library or any nearest printing store to access your email, download it, print it, and then pay for it? The coolest thing about getting a typewriter is that it is extremely instantaneous! As old as it is, we do not have such technology nowadays. With a typewriter, “printing” your assignments out becomes much easier… or rather instantaneous!


Another hidden advantage that a typewriter comes with is that it keeps you focus on the task at hand. If you end up typing up your assignment on a PC, there is a very high chance that you will easily get distracted by any social media, memes, or any other videos. However, when you type on a typewriter, there is nothing else to distract you; you are very focused on whatever you are typing, so there are less chances of error.

Seize The Culture!

Another reason why I would encourage students to get a typewriter is for them to have something they only see on TV now. A vintage typewriter can help them preserve that old culture, and it even looks and feels cool at the same time!