Gaming PCs are more than just high end gaming machines; they’re something that you can really be passionate about. There are no rules that tell you what you can and can’t do with your gaming PC. The reason why people spend so much money on their PCs has a lot to do with the freedom to customise that these PCs provide you. You’re free to modify and tweak your games for optimal performance and a more immersive experience and you can also modify your PC itself.

Desk top PCs are modular by design and this means that you can swap out parts and replace them with better ones at any time. Of course, this means that you can upgrade your PC to perform better at any time so you can run newer, more demanding games but it also means that you can get fancy and make your PC look flashier. Gamingdator can help you find new ideas about moding your PC rig; read more about gamingdator at Here are some PC parts you can replace to improve your PC’s aesthetics.


Yes, you need fans to help keep the internals of your PC cool since high performance also means higher temperatures but you can swap your fans out for flashier ones with RGB lighting so you can give your PC a cool colour theme.

The Case

Your PC’s case is what houses everything you’ve built it with and as such, it also serves a huge role in the aesthetics of your PC. Cases with tempered glass windows really show off all the hardwork and thought you’ve put into designing your PC.


If you really want your entire rig to look great together, you can invest in RBG lit mouse and a mechanical keyboard that pulsates with the same colours as your PC’s body.