For different types of usage, there is a different amount of time that must be considered whenever you think about the positive result in a test. If you know what kind of test you will be taking, then it will be a lot easier to prepare for the tests. For example if you know that a  blood test will be administered then you should be able to lay off of the injection of drugs directly in to your system. Using another method of consumption would work too.

Chewing the cocaine or lining the inside of your mouth, or snorting it through your nose are both ways that people using will never have to worry about a blood match.  Being able to know what kind of tests are coming your way, you will be able to accurately plan a way to get around the issue. This means that you can stop taking cocaine a certain amount of time in a certain manner so that you do not have to worry about any result coming up positive in the tests.

Aside from taking blood tests, one of the ways in which people are tested is by taking a urine test. For most people a urinating test will just be a way to check if any of the cocaine was ingested. This method is not easy to avoid as most ways of the ways of ingesting cocaine will lead to it ending up in the urine. The way it is checked is to see if benzoylecgonine stay in your urine and if there is a higher count then the presence of cocaine is confirmed. So preparing for different tests depending on what their time you will be using cocaine and where it might be detectable is a good way of staying out of legal trouble.