As a food enthusiast, it is really important for me to be able to preserve the food that is not used in the same day. I have been often called out by peers regarding this; according to them, it is okay to let the food go to waste than to save it for the later day. While I always prefer fresh eating and cooking, the food I preserve usually ends up with the homeless people.

Where the preserved food goes is not the goal here as that is only a short time preservation. I am talking about the preservation that takes place on a larger scale of things. I am taking days, weeks, and even months of food preservation, because after all, it is a thing that happens to be as effective as it can get. With that said, let’s take a look at the different methods of preservation.


Perhaps the most common example of food preservation in the modern day is the freezing. Our refrigerators are powerful enough to freeze the food in matter of half an hour and even less than at times. The food that is frozen can go days, even weeks without any sign of contamination, and while many professionals would suggest that you use fresh ingredients solely because of their taste, there are no health concerns as long the food is okay.


According to foodpreservingguide, Drying is perhaps another very common method of preserving food that is still being used in the modern day world. Simply put the food you want to preserve out in the sun until the heat from the sun, dries out all the moisture. Then you can store that food in a cold, dark place that does not have any moisture in the air. The food can be then used for days to come.