Personally speaking, I work in a café myself as a senior barista. Trust me when I say this, we used to use a lot and a lot of tissue papers. Tissue papers are so commonly used because they are very easy to use and frequently in places that produce food or drinks, we need to keep our work area clean in order for it to stay hygienic. So if you work in a restaurant or café or if you own one, then you would have a very good idea of what I am talking about.

Cost of Sales

When we buy things at home, the miscellaneous, we usually do not care about the little things we spend on. However, when it comes to services and sales, buying things like tissue papers can be a big expense. So you would know how much you are spending on it and how it raises your cost of sales.

Ordering, Receiving, And Care

To order a ton of tissue papers, you need to coordinate with the respective selling companies and spend time, effort, and book keeping on those orders. Tissue papers get frequently used so they take up a lot of storage capacity and staff time to make records.

Try Nano Towels

As I suggested to the owner of my café, nano towels can replace the tissue papers we use every day. They are compact, they save up on space and they do not require to be changed so frequently, like disposable tissue paper.

Each can last about a year and can cost starting from $4 plus. They save up on cost, are really absorbable, and can clean any surface without any cleaning agent. You can read more here about them if you are ready to take this eco-friendly step.