If you are planning to do it on your own then our expert advice would be not to do that because you would fail and suffer first and finally would end up hiring a freight forwarding company. If you are unable to grasp the concept of needing to hire such a company then let us tell you how hiring one would help you.


The freight forwarding company would handle all insurance claims and processes that comes with international shipping.

Customs Documentation

When one wants to ship internationally, customs documentation is unavoidable and the whole process of going through the documentation is quite lengthy, complicated and at an expert level which an ordinary person cannot do which is why freight forwarders take this responsibility upon themselves and handle all the documentation so that the client does not have to do anything.


All sort of bills would be handled by the freight forwarding company which would include bills of lading, custom fee, transportation fees and what not.

Risk Management

When goods are being imported or exported internationally, there is a lot of risk to the goods because no matter what the mode of transportation (sea, road freight or air), it can be dangerous and there is a risk of damage to the goods but the fright forwarding company not only assesses the risk but also manages the whole process in such a way that the goods would not get damaged.

Ware Houses

An important part of import or export is storage of the goods because between the shipping or transportation, there are lots of time periods where the goods need to be stored somewhere but they cannot be stored just anywhere or else they would be damaged. Since freight forwarders are experts of the whole process, they realize the need for a storage unit which is why they provide warehouses for storage.