Making sure your water is not contaminated is very important. In many places across the globe, it is getting difficult to get access to water that does not have trace amounts of some type of metal that could poison us like mercury or magnesium. These metals are found in more and more water supplies and it is initially difficult to notice but then becomes very problematic after a while as the buildup of these trace metals begin affecting your health in drastic ways.  Aside from just the metals you also have a lot of dirt and particles floating about in the water supply, which you cannot be sure is safe to consume with the water.

The tap water supply is usually the main water source for many people and even though the popularity of bottled water is on the rise, it is often a very expensive commodity and one that people cannot keep drinking. Many bottled water brands are also have unpleasant tasting water that is not properly purified either. Other alternative to getting a clean water supply includes processes of chlorination or installing some sort of a water filtration system in your tank and taps but that again will cost a lot of money and might even be unpleasant in the case of chlorination.

What you need in this situation is something like a water filtering pitcher. This is a pitcher that will automatically clean all the impurities and metal traces out of the water. There are a lot of different brands that make water filtration pitchers and you can very easily go online and look up a few water pitcher filter reviews to see which one will suit your needs the best. Other than that, you basically just need to put water in from the tap in to the pitcher and it will filter it.