A gaming PC requires a good graphics card because without one in place, it would not be possible for you to run all the modern day games. Sure, you might be able to play some indie titles through the internal graphics card, but apart from that, you are going to need to have a good GPU. Now buying a good GPU is a straightforward method, you need to keep a few things in mind, and that’d be all. However, there are some mistakes that can be made. Before you go ahead and buy the graphics card, I would suggest that you check out the video card tier list and decide the one that you want. Below are the mistakes that I would suggest you to avoid so you can have the best experience.

Ignoring The Power Requirements

Almost all the graphic cards require power connectors in order to work properly. This means that ignoring the power requirements of your GPU can be fatal for it. If the spec sheet says that you need at least 600-watt power supply, I would always suggest you to go for at least a 750-watt unit for optimal performance. Do not think that the listed power requirement is the be all, end all.

Expensive is Not Always The Fastest

Graphics cards are divided into tiers, you get the prosumer level GPUs that are really expensive, and the consumer level ones that are on the cheaper side. If you just want to play games, and render videos, then the consumer level would be more than enough. However, many people think that expensive means the fastest; this is not true at all. Spending $3,000 on a Titan V might not give you the same value for money as a $800 GTX 1080Ti.