If you need your backyard or the garden of the office redesigned, you should only hire one company to do the whole job. We have often seen people making the mistake of hiring a designing company and then hiring a separate company for construction which affects the whole process and it also results in a faulty structure. If you want to have a smooth process and get the best possible structure then it is necessary that you only hire one company. There are so many landscape designing company that not only offer the designing of the landscape but also the construction of it too like LD Total and you can visit ldtotal.com.au to see how they do the whole process which would show that one company handling the whole project is much better than the work divided between two different companies.

No matter what reasons you have for hiring two separate companies, we would advise you to ditch them and just hire a landscape designer company like the one mentioned above and you would have a hassle free process. If you are still not convinced then allow us to tell you the benefits of hiring one company.


When you hire just one company, you would notice that the expense would be less and you would be able to save up more because the company would probably give you a discount when they would do the designing and the construction too.


The company who would design the landscape would be able to do a better job constructing it because the team would know every bit of design and would understand the dynamics of the construction being in accordance to the design and of course they would know full well which materials to use.