The items that get affected by the environmental elements in just a short period of time and deteriorate easily probably do not have that particular coating which is why they do not last long. The different coatings that are industrially done on different items are done with different substances and this coating process can only be done by an applicator company that has been registered with the authorities because it is an important and serious work.

If you do not know what PTFE industial coatings are applied to then it is okay because not only are we going to briefly go over that topic, you can also easily research about it online. If you do want some in-depth answers then we would suggest that you go to an applicator’s website (like Orion Industries) and check out their FAQ section or contact them and ask them directly. For now, let us look at the common items or things that require PTFE or similar coatings.

Automotive Parts

Teflon and other such coatings are applied to cars and different automotive parts because the surface of the car cannot survive without a coating. For e.g. if a coating would not be applied, the car would be subjected to the environment conditions and would probably get rusted and other materials can harm the surface too.

Consumer Goods

Even many consumer goods like kitchen appliances, things made of plastic and what not are covered or sprayed with industrial coatings not only to increase the lifespan of the products but also to make it safe to use for human beings. If there would be no coating on some products, the surface would be riddled with germs which could be easily transferred to the bodies of human beings and harm them greatly.