Couples counselling and therapy sessions are highly beneficial to us regardless of the nature or level of problems you might be facing. There is a growing trend all over the world of marrying in young age and even individuals in their teens are taking up this huge responsibility. To many people marriage is a sacred act that should be performed as soon as possible during the adulthood while others consider it as an important part of life. Unfortunately, these days more than 70% of couples start feeling bored or disturbed about their married life and find ways to somehow escape from it. While divorce seems to be a last resort act, many spouses go for it without seeking any professional advice.

If you have been giving the silent treatment to your spouse from the past few weeks or you stopped giving them much attention, then this is a clear sign that you should not continue creating those spaces between the two of you and get therapy sessions before the matter gets out of hands. It has been observed that children seem to suffer the most if their parents get separated or sign the divorce papers. Not only do they get bullied and pestered about the fact that they are living with only one of their parents but they also start developing emotional and psychological abnormalities due to the absence of an important person in their life.

Many new couples don’t realize the underlying problem in their relationship until it gets worse and becomes so significant that they don’t have any other option but to leave each other. Even a financial crisis in the family can ignite negative vibes between the spouses and for best Spanish counseling, make sure to check out Estes Therapy.