Laser treatment is currently all the rage, which is not surprising because more and more people are happily willing to ditch their razors, epilators and wax strips in exchange for a more permanent solution to their body hair woes, which happen to be laser treatment. It sounds painful, but laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure that just focuses on burning the hair follicle. It only stings during the procedure but you feel fine after a cold compress.

Various celebrities and influencers have talked about it and even promoted laser treatment because the results have been that good, and it does sound too good to be true. Now you might have heard mixed accounts from people, where some people said that it only took them 6-8 sessions while for others it may have taken over 12 and still happen to be unsatisfied with their result. Now there are a few factors why the results may have varied and we are going to talk about why that is below.

  • Different skin and hair types react differently to laser treatment. Generally darker hair tends to take more time than lighter one. Plus, there are different machines for different hair and skin type. So, make sure that the place you choose offers different laser machines to cater to everyone. If you want to make sure you are in reliable hands in that regard, you can opt for laser hair removal by Adelaide Laser Skin & Vein Clinic.
  • One’s hormones can have serious implications on the result of the treatment. So, people with hormonal issues, people who might have PCOS or may be going through menopause will react differently to laser treatment.
  • Laser treatment is a time sensitive procedure, so people who fail to meet their regular appointments are bound to have delayed results.