If you are someone who does a lot of different projects and you like to make things by yourself, then you will know that a lot of the building material, especially wood, is wasted during any project because of the awkward sizes, the strange shape cuts, or simply because there was not real plan for it to be used after the project was over. However, what you can do, and it will help you save a lot of money on materials, is to make a secondary project out of the wood that is left over after your main project is done.

More often than not, the left over scraps of wood can be fashioned in to something else and there is enough wood left to make a small or medium sized object. So if you are someone who enjoys wood working, then here are some great scrap wood ideas that you can use your scrap wood for. One of the simplest and coolest looking items that you can make are personal coasters for your table. You always need a coaster for cans of beer, cold drinks, and glasses of water, and you will never have to buy them again if you start making your own.

This idea works really well with most scrap wood because of the size coasters normally are. You can always cut out the shape of a coaster from even smaller pieces of wood. You can stick to a basic square coaster or add different shapes and designs to it according to how you want to do it. You could also make slightly more advanced items like a bottle opener or a candle stick from the left over wood. These are both easy enough to make and you can shape them as you want them to be.