If you are a company that is running an online business and do not have a physical point of sales, you need to know that you have to take card absent transactions which is a lot more burdening as compared to just charging the customer’s card and being done with it. According to this method businesses usually have forms that they use in credit authorization processes but most business companies forget that the information can be used in different way and can cause more problems like identity theft and other risks. If you are someone who is concerned with all of these things then you should take a look at some of the tips that will help you in creating a safer credit card payment authorization form which will protect the necessary information. With that said, let us get into it without wasting a single second, check the tips out below.

Never Give Out CVV

If you are making a form for card and authorization of the credit you need to make sure that you make one time forms and never store CVV code that is written on the back of the card. Firstly, keeping them on the record is against the rules and secondly, it creates a lot of financial risk and if it gets leaked because of the vendor the consequences include potential imprisonment for not being able to protect confidential information and on the grounds of invasion of the customer’s privacy.

Don’t Fax Credit Card Authorization Form

While most customers will ask you to fax the form so that they can fill it up and send it your way make sure you never do that because if it gets leaked the responsibility will fall on your shoulders. So make sure that you tell them that is best that they fill it out on a secured web page so that there are no risks involved.