The most tending social media app, Facebook, with more than 1.50 billion active users on any given day from all over the world is an emerging platform for most the markers to promote and advertise their products or services. Not only would this online communication tool help you generate more leads with minimum investment of time and money but you can also reach a wider range of audience living in far and remote places to create a positive brand image.

According to a recent survey more than 80% of the adults who surf through various websites daily use Facebook and invest a greater percentage of their time staying active on this app. If you have recently started a small business and have not been able to reach the desired goals, then there are many reasons how you can increase your sales through Facebook advertising.

Facebook with its more user-friendly features and increasing number of followers is undoubtedly the best tool to promote your products. The pages and groups that have been formed by groups of people who share common interests and mostly have similar likes and dislikes. This not only helps these users to keep seeing the updates and posts that they are more interested in, but also develop a certain level of trust regarding a certain brand or new startup. Facebook ads by Voy Media are focused on reaching these finely tuned audiences through weekly or daily advertising campaigns.

With the increase in the availability of 4G networks all over the world and accessibility of Wi-Fi networks, there is a growing trend of purchasing products through online stores and pages of various companies. This increase online traffic has made it easier for companies with social media presence to sell their products effectively.