A lot of people I see love taking medications. I do not know exactly what it is that motivates them to do so, but they always seem to keep going back to it. I not only see it in people in their late adulthood but even people in their adolescence and young adulthood. While there is nothing wrong with taking drugs and medications, it should be avoided, if possible. Drugs are a very great medical invention. They prevent a lot of things and you can’t go all without drugs. But they are not always necessary.


The way our beautiful human bodies work is very simple and straight forward. No one has a perfect detoxification system, and thus, you can’t get the residue of all these drugs rid of your bodies. These chemicals start to pile up and do not easily leave your body… for years! This is why you should avoid medications, as much as possible.

First Stages of Pain

After having consulted with a doctor, you will have to make a decision. If your condition is not critical and the doctors have no problem with you not taking any drugs, then you have something to think about. The first few stages of pain should be avoidable by therapy. In actuality, you can even continue therapy while you are on different medications, should your doctor not prohibit it. So why go for drugs then?

TENS Therapy

TENS therapy is one thing that can help you avoid any pain killing drugs from entering your system. If you are having lower back pain, then what you can start with is getting an icyhot pain relief device that can block your pain to relax you. This will help you function normally throughout your days.